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Connect with the professionals at the heart of the world of SuperYachts

A SuperYacht Business Community

You've been to Monaco Yacht Show, or Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show or another large yacht show and want to connect with the community that you meet at these amazing yacht shows.  You'll want to meet others in your discipline, look for clients and support others in the industry. Waiting for the next boat show is one option, or join us today and start sharing and being part of this growing community.

Since launch, we have been attracting brokers, buyers, lawyers, surveyors, financial and insurance consultants, naval architects, interior designers, family offices, captains and their crew.  In short, everyone who contributes, embraces and loves the SuperYacht world we work and play in.

Why You Should Join

In 2020, most boat shows were cancelled and we relied heavily on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter connections to connect. However, those are big networks and it's not easy to find those who share the same interest in Superyachts. With SuperYachters Pro, everyone who joins supports the wider community and wants to connect you with that person with an opportunity, or client needing a role filled. Owners and their representatives can find legal, insurance and financial advisors. Everyone can keep up to speed with the latest technology and lighting solutions, and we can all do with a little extra marketing to the right audience.

In short, we feel we are perfect for you and we’d like to welcome you today and see how we can help you in 2023.

How does it work ?

Well, we have all the latest tools to network in a similar way to Linkedin. Apart from the standard POSTS and ARTICLES you can publish, share and like, you can also create your own ZOOM EVENTS. We'll help you invite your audience or you can join our own monthly events. Members can also create NETWORKS on their specialist subject, and invite members privately (it can even be a secret group). We also encourage everyone to ask questions starting with an ice breaker question for new members, so that we find out more about everyone as they come along and join our growing networks.

It's also about Simply Stunning SuperYachts


And of course, it's all about those stunning SuperYachts we love and have a passion for.  Lose yourself in their beauty in this Monaco video filmed in 2019.

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